deep cleaning services

What’s included?

Our deep cleaning services are offered to business and homeowners alike. Our deep cleaning fully encompasses all hard-to-reach places, and includes our toughest supplies. Below is a description of the services included in our extensive deep cleaning services.


Windows washed
Carpets steam cleaned
Floors stripped & waxed
Tiles cleaned
Blinds dusted
Walls & doors wiped down
Baseboards dusted

Living Area

Mantle, shelves, decorations, and electronics dusted
Light fixtures & ceiling corners dusted
Tabletops & television dusted
Furniture moved & dusted
Tables and chairs polished


Dust bed
Dust and polish furniture
Dust light fixtures
Dust ceiling corners
Closet shelves dusted & wiped


Fridge/freezer wiped down
Appliances moved & cleaned
Cabinets wiped & dusted
Oven & stovetop cleaned
Backsplash wiped down
Trash emptied & discarded
Garbage can washed


Shower walls & tub cleaned
Faucet & fixtures cleaned
Trashcan emptied & washed
Mirrors wiped
Light fixtures cleaned
Cabinets wiped down
Countertops and sinks cleaned
Toilet scrubbed
Exterior of washer/dryer wiped